Brownbuilt - Sliding Door Cupboards


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Brownbuilt sliding door cupboards have been proven performers in organisations of all sizes providing secure shelf-based storage and low-cost additional work surfaces.

A durable riveted metal construction with welded shelf support channels means that Brownbuilt sliding door cupboards can withstand a lifetime of use.

Metal doors slide easily on nylon wheels and guides in metal tracks and can be locked for security. Adjustable shelves in 25mm increments maximise internal storage space with a simple shelf clip mechanism.



External Dimensions:    
Height:   1021mm
Width:   C4S: 890mm
    C9S: 1525mm
Depth:   460mm
Shelf Dimensions:   C4S: 875mm x 370mm
    C9S: 750mm x 370mm
    C9S divided by a vertical centre partition
Shelf Capacity:   110kg per shelf evenly distributed
Shipping Weight:   (kilograms)
C4S:   39kg
C9S:   63kg
Shipping Volume:   (metres)
C4S:   0.43
C9S:   0.72
Standard Features:   Durable riveted construction
    Single point key-locking
    Recessed aluminium finger-pull handles
    Sliding metal doors
    Door-mounted nylon guide wheels and buffers
    Formed metal door track
    25mm vertical shelf adjustment
Material Thickness:   0.8mm
Finish:   Powder coat (45-50 microns thickness)
    12 standard colours for storage cabinets 
    Non-standard colours subject to minimum quantities
    Mobiles and bases finished in black
Warranty:   5 years