powered conveyorPowered Conveyor

Active control of material flow

Powered conveyors maximize material flow by actively controlling horizontal or inclined/declined movement. Colby designs all powered conveyor solutions, including transportation and accumulation conveyors, directional change equipment, and sortation devices and controls.

Powered Belt Conveyors
Here the product is carried fully by a moving belt, which is supported by either a sheet metal slider bed or rollers mounted in the frame. Used for transportation of products from one level to another, and for horizontal transport.

Powered Roller Conveyors
Powered Roller Conveyors are mainly used for transportation with the ability to provide minimal accumulation. The carrying medium is rollers mounted in a channel frame. Power is transmitted by various mediums, which drive the carrying rollers.

The Powered Conveyor range includes:

  • Lineshaft Live Roller Conveyor
  • Round Belt-Under Roller Conveyor
  • Slider Bed Belt Conveyor
  • Roller Curves and Junctions
  • Incline & Decline Belt Conveyors
  • Elevator