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G.O. Shelving is the largest and most experienced relocation specialist business in South Australia. We have extensive experience in providing the full logistical function for any size relocation project, from the small office right up to large warehouse and distribution centres. We manage everything from start to finish, including workstation, storage, and filing systems dismantling and re-assembly, transport, short term off site storage and temporary storage during the relocation.

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The extent of our logistical coverage is from the very first stage of the project right through to handover and re-occupancy. Or we can commence at any stage as required and pick up the project at a point suitable to the client. We can share or vary the required job tasks with the client if desired ie, the emptying and re-stocking of shelves could be done by the client if required, then G.O. Shelving can complete all other tasks in between. This may allow the client to relocate their stock in a different location/format based on our ‘Total Storage Solutions’ recommendation. We can provide the complete solution to your relocating needs.