Brownbuilt Aladdin Plus CompakMax


The Brownbuilt Aladdin CompakMax was the first computer controlled Electric Mobile Storage System to be developed in Australia. Now equipped with single push-button operation and packed with the latest technological improvements, the Aladdin Plus CompakMax represents the most sophisticated Electric Mobile Storage System available and is backed by a 5 year product warranty.

Aladdin Plus CompakMax is a reliable and convenient solution for medium to heavy-duty storage, allowing movement of total system loads up to 84 tonnes with high frequency operation.

Systems can be configured with a wide range of shelving layouts including Light and Heavy Duty RUT and optional exterior dress panels for installations requiring colour coordinated or architecturally aesthetic appearances.

Safety Features:

Operator safety is of prime importance with Brownbuilt CompakMax Aladdin Plus Electric and a number of safety systems are fitted as standard:

  • Automatic activation of aisle lock when the selected aisle button is pressed
  • An aisle entry photo beam provides a secondary fail-safe trigger of the aisle lock system
  • Aisle obstructions are detected with a fully safety compliant photo beam
  • The Aladdin Plus CompakMax system incorporates duel circuit fail-safe systems, and is fully compliant with AS4024, AS4024.1 and OHS ACT 2000 and AS3000.

Aladdin Plus in Action


Configurations:   Single-sided/Double-sided
    Static plinth or Mobile base
Mobile Width:   1800mm/2700mm/3600mm
Mobile Depth:   To suit 300mm/400mm/500mm/600mm deep shelves
Shelving:   To suit application
    Light-Duty RUT/Medium-Duty RUT/Universal Channel
Shelf Capacity:   Refer shelving type
Base Load Capacity:   Up to 6000kg
Standard Features:   Bolted heavy-duty construction
    On-floor or In-floor track systems
    Base-mounted lateral guide mechanism for mobiles
    Safety stop flaps in each bay
    Standard aisle-lock mechanism
    Self diagnostic system
    Modular PLC electrical component design
    Wide range of storage accessories
Finish:   Mobile: Powder coat (Black)
    Shelving: Refer shelving type
Warranty:   Shelving and mobiles: 5 years
    Electrical components: 12 months