Brownbuilt Mechanical CompakMax


This quiet and powerful CompakMax unit is ideal for archives, libraries, warehouses and industrial applications. Each mobile is serviced by a mechanical console located at the access point of each unit 

The operating console is activated in conjunction with either a Safewind handle or Posi-Drive wheel connected to a sprocket and chain-drive system, allowing up to 12-tonnes of shelving to be moved simultaneously.



Single or Double Sided

Static Plinth or Mobile base

Standard Dimensions:    
Mobile Width (mm):  

1800                    2250                    2400                    2550

2700                    3000                    3450                    3600

4500                    5400                    6300

Mobile Depth (mm):   300                      400                      450                      500                    600

To suit storage application

Light-Duty RUT/Medium-Duty RUT/Universal Channel

Shelf Capacity:   Refer shelving type
Mobile Capacity:   Up to 6000kg
Standard Features:   Bolted heavy-duty construction
    On-floor or In-floor track systems
    Safewind free-wheeling crank handle drive system
    Optional posi-drive wheel drive system
    Base mounted lateral guide system for mobiles
    Slimline locking console
Finish:   Mobile: Powder Coat (Black)
    Shelving: Refer shelving type finish
Warranty:   5 Years on Shelving and Mobiles