Brownbuilt Hand Operated CompakMax


Brownbuilt Hand Operated CompakMax is the ideal storage system for office archives, libraries, retail and light industrial applications. With these clever compacting storage systems, valuable floor space is saved by up to half.

Precision engineering and durable steel construction with quality endorsed manufacturing, ensure that hand-operated Maxtor units are both easy to use and long lasting. High quality manufacturing and careful design ensure that CompakMax Hand Operated mobiles move smoothly and easily with only 5-6kg of hand force needed to move up to 2 tonnes or load per mobile.


Configurations:   Single-sided/Double-sided
    Static plinth or Mobile base
Mobile Width:   900mm/1800mm/2700mm/3600mm
Mobile Depth:   To suit 300mm/400mm/450mm/500mm/600mm deep shelves
Shelving:   To suit application
    Light-Duty RUT/Medium-Duty RUT/Universal Channel
Shelf Capacity:   Refer shelving type
Base Load Capacity:   Up to 2000kg
Standard Features:   Bolted heavy-duty construction
    On-floor or In-floor track systems
    Base-mounted lateral guide mechanism for mobiles
    Wide range of storage accessories
Finish:   Shelving: Refer shelving type
Warranty:   5 years