Brownbuilt Plan File Cabinets

Brownbuilt Horizontal Plan File Cabinets have been engineered for safe and efficient storage of diverse materials ranging from plans, maps, charts, photographs, engineering drawings and artwork through to geological and biological samples. They’re the perfect choice for everything from architecture firms to research labs, state archives, and galleries.

Available in 6 and 10 drawer configurations to suit individual storage and access requirements, Brownbuilt Horizontal Plan File Cabinets have numerous design features that ensure long-lasting, reliable storage.


Features & Benefits

  • Two alloy finger grip handles per drawer
  • Ball bearing metal drawer rollers
  • Rubber drawer track stops
  • Internal cabinet chassis
  • Hinged front drawer flap
  • Rear drawer hood
  • Reinforced metal carcass with nesting domes
  • Anti-tilt 
  • 5 year warranty