Brownbuilt Rolled Upright Type Shelving

Brownbuilt’s Rolled Upright Type, or RUT Shelving System has become the standard for light to medium duty warehouse storage since its conception in the 1930’s. RUT shelving is roll-formed from premium pre-painted steel, to ensure durability and engineering integrity for warehouse storage applications, with a choice of standard colours (Wild Oats and Silver Grey).

Its design flexibility makes it ideal for integration into diverse environments ranging from industrial warehouses and storerooms, through to libraries, museums, retail outlets and offices. RUT shelving also comprises an integral component for Brownbuilt’s market leading CompakMax Mobile Storage Systems. RUT shelving’s bolted construction forms a strong, stable storage unit, that can be easily extended, re-configured or relocated as storage needs change over time.

Light Duty RUT Shelving is primarily used for personnel accessed picking systems, for shelf loads up to 110kg (UDL) and a maximum stack height of 2375mm.

Medium Duty RUT Shelving is utilised where heavier duty industrial storage applications are required for shelf loads up to 230kg (UDL) and a maximum stack height of 2375mm. Extensively used for two-tier and raised storage applications.


Features & Benefits

  • A must when it comes to organisation and efficiency
  • A comprehensive range of accessories are available
  • RUT Shelving is customisable to suit almost any configuration
  • The modular design allows for ease of relocation or reconfiguration as storage needs change
  • Single or double sided configurations
  • 25mm vertical shelf adjustment
  • Solid bolted construction and ease of assembly
  • No sharp or raw edges to damage stored products
  • Range of bay configurations to suit storage needs
  • Durable metal construction
  • Wide range of sizes available

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