Brownbuilt Anti-Tilt Filing Cabinets

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Brownbuilt has a heritage of manufacturing filing cabinets that lead the Australian market in both engineering and design.

Brownbuilt's stylish, contemporary slimline exterior design, featuring an aesthetic finger-grip alloy handle, is matched by superior internal engineering.

For strength and stability, the carcass features a sturdy welded support frame, a welded top and a metal base plate.

Brownbuilt's painted full height drawer body ensures that your files are fully supported and prevents files falling into the cabinet.

A progressive ball bearing runner assembly fully extends to allow complete access to every drawer and has been tested with a 30kg load to over 50,000 cycles to ensure that it can stand up to the toughest treatment.

The Brownbuilt filing cabinet runner system incorporates a standard drawer lock-out mechanism, which stops tilting by preventing more than one drawer being open at the same time. Buffers within the runner members prevent closed drawers from drifting open, for additional operator safety

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External Dimensions:    
2 Drawer    715mmH x 453mmW x 620mmD
3 Drawer   1021mmH x 453mmW x 620mmD
4 Drawer   1327mmH x 453mmW x 620mmD
Internal Drawer Dimensions:   270mmH x 392mmW x 580mmD
Storage Capacity:    
2 Drawer   1.16 lineal metres
3 Drawer   1.74 lineal metres
4 Drawer   2.32 lineal metres
Load Capacity:   30kg per drawer
Standard Features:   916mm/1216mm
    Alloy finger-grip drawer handle
Track Lengths:   Compact lock
Shelf Dimensions:   Slimline cabinet carcass
    Internal cabinet assembly
Shelf Capacity:   Welded internal cabinet frame
    Zinc base plate
    Full height painted drawer body
    Full extension ball bearing runner system
    Individual drawer lock-out mechanism
    Runners tested to 50,000 cycles with 30kg load
Material Thickness:   0.8mm
Finish:   Powder coat (45-50 microns thickness)
    12 standard colours (COLOURS)
    Non-standard colours subject to minimum quantities
Warranty:   5 years