Carpet Racking

Carpet Storage Racking is a variation on normal selective racking and is designed to store rolls of carpet in a selective manner, with the product stored on shelves. An ideal and efficient solution for warehouses that store products which are cylindrical in shape including but not limited to; carpet, vinyl and flooring, fabric, artificial turf, garage doors and curtains or any rolled-up material.

Our Carpet Storage Solutions allow the carpet to be stacked/stored in dense bundles, maximising the storage space, but also improving the efficiency and safety of your warehouse.

Placing product into the racking system horizontally creates the perfect pick face and allows for easy identification of products. Not only do you have quick and instant access to all product, but it is also protected from unnecessary dust and damage.



Features & Benefits

  • High density storage with improved efficiency
  • Instant and quick access to all stored items for easy order picking and product identification
  • Easily serviced by forklifts fitted with a spike mount, carpet pole or roll shagger attachment
  • Stores more than just carpet
  • Prevent damage to inventory
  • Maximises valuable floor space
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Easily customised to suit individual requirements