Brownbuilt Library Shelving

Brownbuilt Library Shelving is designed to provide efficient and economical freestanding storage and display facilities. Versatile configurations and a wide range of storage accessories ensure layout flexibility and the maximum use of available space. Double-punched uprights allow for independent, adjacent shelf positions, with 20mm vertical height adjustment. A durable bolted frame assembly, utilising welded single or double sided upright construction, forms a stable storage unit. Adjustable feet in each upright compensate for uneven floor surfaces to provide additional operator safety. Brownbuilt library shelving can be easily extended, re-configured or relocated to suit changing storage needs. 





Upright Dimensions:  
Height: 1100mm/1400mm/1800mm/2100mm
Depth: 300mm (Single-sided upright)
  570mm (Double-sided upright)
Bay Width: 895mm
Accessories: Book shelves (205mm/230mm/255mm deep)
  Shelf backstop
  Angled display shelf (255mm deep)
  Upward tilting shelf
  Periodical shelf with 2 dividers (255mm deep)
  Newspaper shelf (455mm deep)
  Audio/visual cassette shelf (100mm deep)
  Roll-out reference shelf
  Suspension file frame (255mm deep)
  Film strip canister rack (255mm deep)
  Canopy tops (single and double-sided)
  Overhead bracing channel
  Sliding wire divider
  Plate-type book ends
  Aisle signs
Standard Features: Welded upright construction
  Bolted assembly
  20mm vertical shelf adjustment
  Adjustable levelling feet
Material Thickness: 1.6mm (Upright)
  0.8mm (Shelves and accessories)
Finish: Powder coat (45-50 microns thickness)
Warranty: 5 years