LOGIX® RUT Shelving


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LOGIX® RUT Shelving is a must when it comes to organisation. It is space efficent, economical and the perfect way to organise your stock, files and much more! Its modular design makes it a flexible and a multipurpose storage solution that can be easily changed to keep up with business needs.

Available in LOGIX® grey or white, this shelving has no sharp edges that could damage stored products. The versatility of this shelving means it can be used for a multitude of applications including, but not limited to: warehouse, office, spare parts or store rooms. 

Features & Benefits:
  • Applications are limitless due to our wide range of system accessories
  • Achieve a high density solution by adding extra shelves or Fischer Boxes
  • Easily extended, reconfigured or relocated
  • Height adjustable shelves in 25mm increments


Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Capacity (kg)



750 300 100kg per shelf level
900 400
1200 600

600mm deep only available with 900 or 1200mm wide.