Mantova Project Shelving


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Mantova Post Style Project Shelving is designed to accommodate loadings of up to 300kg on each shelf. Project Shelving is useful for applications where heavy products will be stored in large quantities and/or the conditions of use will be extreme. Widths to 600mm may utilise the moulded Real Tuff shelf. Shelves of 750mm, 900mm and 1000mm can be: wire grid, solid sheet or 25 mm x 25 mm x 1.6 mm Dunnage style.

Product Specifications
Shelf Lengths (mm) 600     750     900     1050     1200     1350     1500     1650     1800
Shelf Widths (mm) 300     450     525     600
Standard Post Heights 1200mm high
  1800mm high
  2000mm high
Shelf Options Wire Grid: 4mm wires at 25mm centres on 8mm supports
Real Tuff: moulded shelves, will not rust or chip and is safe for freezer and dishwasher use
Solid: Stainless Steel or Galvanised
Posts Posts 25 x 25 x 1.2mm thick with a Nylon foot allowing 32mm of adjustment
A Stainless Steel foot allows for floor fixing and provides 65mm of adjustment
Finishes Zinc Lacquered
Polished Stainless Steel



  • Castors of 125 mm fit security to post. Adjustment for shelves is provided every 50 mm. The use of post joiner (Part No. 15220) distributes load when used with Nylon foot.


  • "Wire Grid" and "Solid": 300, 375, 450, 525, 600, 750,900, 1000mm.
  • "Moulded" (Real Tuff): 300, 450, 525 and 600mm.


  • Bridge and Corner clips for clear uninterupted access
  • Back and Side Ledges
  • Shelf Dividers