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G.O. Shelving Safety

G.O. Shelving supply a comprehensive range of safety products for your storage system, facilitating safe operational practises and protecting your system from damage.

Inevitably this will improve the life span of your storage system and save you from costly repairs.

G.O. Shelving also provide maintenance and safe working load signs which are critical in avoiding rack collapse and are a requirement under the current Australian standards, AS 4084.



WHS Rack Safety Audits

This program is a cost effective way to highlight all damage, irregularities and non-compliant issues that occur to pallet racking. The critical need to have a ‘Worksafe’ environment for all employees, contractors and visitors demand that all businesses accept their liabilities for their operations accordingly. Our WHS Rack Safety Audit Program is designed to take the guess work out of making sure you comply with the legislative requirements to provide this safe working environment with regards to your pallet racking and storage systems.

There are maximum deviations and deformations allowed, that are set out in AS 4084. Our WHS Rack Safety Audit Program checks any impact damage your racking receives against these standards.

Full Inspection Report — once we carry out this comprehensive inspection we then compile a concise report on the findings and most importantly any recommendations to rectify these findings. To make your storage system safe.

Rack damage in Warehouses is no laughing matter.



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