Brownbuilt Unichannel® Shelving


It is designed and manufactured by Brownbuilt according to very strict engineering guidelines and tolerances to meet the demands of narrow aisle and automated storage systems. 

Unichannel can be adapted for individual storage applications ranging from open structures to fully enclosed storage units using a wide range of accessories for added flexibility. Its storage flexibility results from unique frame and shelf systems, which facilitate assembly, adjustment and relocation for changing storage needs. Unichannel can be assembled in a variety of configurations with either bolted or welded frame structures.

Unichannel frames are comprised of uprights manufactured from cold-rolled, high tensile steel with a slimline lipped channel profile that has a number of significant benefits for storage:

  • Resistance to twisting
  • Reduction in overall stack length
  • More efficient use of available floor space
  • Ability to accommodate multiple shelf support systems within the same unit
  • High load capacity to maximise storage capability
  • Durable powder coated finish in a choice of colours (Wild Oats and Silver Grey)


Bay Height:   1800mm/2250mm/2400mm/2700mm/3000mm
    (Special applications up to 7800mm)
Bay Clear Entry:    
Shelves:   750mm/900mm/1200mm
Wide Span Shelves:   900mm/1200mm/1800mm
Beams:   900mm/1200mm/1800mm/2100mm/2600mm
Bay/Shelf Depth:   400mm/450mm/500mm/600mm/750mm/900mm/1050mm
Upright Width:   41mm
Bay Configuration:   Single-sided/Double-sided
Bay Types:   Initial - Free standing unit (o/a width = shelf width + 82mm)
    Add-on/Adjoining unit (o/a width = shelf width + 41mm)
Shelf Capacity:   110kg/shelf (UDL)
    230kg/shelf (UDL)
Standard Features:   Bolted or welded frame construction
    Beam or shelf construction
    Solid backs
    Back cross bracing (optional)
    Weldmesh back panels (optional)
    50mm vertical shelf adjustment
    Wide range of storage accessories
Finish:   Powder coat
    Wild Oats (Standard)
    Silver Grey (Optional)