Mantova Post Style Shelving with Real Tuff Shelves


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Mantova Post Style Shelving with ABS Real Tuff removable shelves has been making life easier for thousands of Australian businesses for more then a decade. Removable shelves are easy to clean and dishwasher proof. Cleaning your cool room one shelf at a time, without having to dismantle the whole bay of shelves is a huge time and cost saver. Real Tuff Shelves are HACCP APPROVED and have LIFE Antimicrobial Protection built in during the manufacturing process.

Product Specifications
Shelf Lengths (mm) 600     750     900     1050     1200     1350     1500     1650     1800
Shelf Widths (mm) 300     450     525     600
Standard Post Heights 3 Tiers: 1200mm high
4 Tiers: 1800mm high
5 Tiers: 2000mm high
Shelves Frames are Stainless Steel or Galvanised 30mm Square Tube fitted with moulded Real Tuff Shelves
Posts Posts are manufactured from 25 x 22 x 1.2mm tube fitted with a Mantova Bullet Foot allowing 32mm of adjustment
Finishes  "ALLGAL" Galvanised inside and out
Polished Stainless Steel
Weight Loading Real Tuff Shelves are rated to 250kg evenly spaced per tier. Shelf clips for add on or corner units are rated to 150kg.
Warranty All components come with a 12 month Structural Warranty against manufacturing defects.


Depths of 750 and 900 mm 
Lengths of 600 - 750 - 900 - 1050 - 1200 - 1350 and 1500 mm 


Are available in Wire Grid - 

Moulded ABS and Dunnage style tube 

Are manufactured from 25 mm 
x 25 mm x 1.2 mm tube fitted with a 
Mantova bullet foot allowing 32 mm 
of adjustment. Standard post heights 
are 1200 mm, 1800 mm or 2000 mm high.


Zinc Lacquered, Hot Dip 

Galvanised, Stainless Steel or Powder Coat


  • Bridge/Corner Clips allow uninterrupted access where corner or bridge assemblies are required. 
  • Post Clamps allow adjoining assemblies to be locked together.  
  • Tray Slides can be fitted between two wire grid shelves.
  • Shelf Dividers available for wire grid shelves. 
  • Product Stops of up to 3 sides available for ABS shelves. 
  • Wire Back/Side Ledges attach to wire grid shelves with clips to provide product stops.
  • Side/Rear Panels of wire grid mesh are available. 
  • No.10 Can Modules will fit 450 mm deep frames to accomodate up to 6 cans each. 
  • Castors may be fitted to the bottom of posts in place of feet. Also rubber buffers are available. 
  • Post Joiners will allow extension of post height on existing installations. 
  • Vegetable Baskets made from zinc lacquered wire mesh drop in to frames.
  • Wine Modules either bulk or individual modules can be housed in 300 mm or 450 mm shelf asseblies. 
  • Drop On/Drop In Shelves of solid S/S or Gal can be used in place of ABS shelves on frames. May require additional braces for support. 
  • Disc Feet may be used instead of standard bullet feet by using threaded inserts in posts. 
  • Foot Pad may be used on standard bullet Foot.