Pallet Racking Systems


Maximum storage, minimum space. Whether you want to take better advantage of your current space, or you are building a new warehouse, our pallet racking solutions can be tailored quickly, easily and economically to your storage requirements.

When determining which pallet racking system is right for you, some things to consider are:

  • What you will be storing including: the number of products, the volume of each product and the shelf life of each product (if applicable)
  • Throughput rate—how your SKU’s and product range move so the racking can suit your inventory system
  • Physical size and weight of products/pallets to ensure the system can carry enough weight
  • Expected growth within your business and industry to allow enough space and flexibility to enable you to adapt to any changes (additional product lines/categories) and seasonal variations
  • Type of materials handling equipment to be used
  • Any restrictions and limitations