Repairs and Maintenance

The storage systems we supply and install are manufactured from the highest quality materials and are therefore designed to withstand considerable wear and tear, however, the best way to ensure the longevity of your storage system is through regular visual inspections and maintenance, and in the case of racking

structures, regular Safety Audits/Inspections.

To avoid damage, it is recommended that your storage systems undergo periodic inspections as well as service and maintenance to: identify any damage or issues, test the operation of the system and check for any signs of wear. Routine inspections and preventative maintenance not only keep your system in the best working condition, but also allow any damage or misuse to be identified and rectified early on. If your storage systems are damaged, you should contact us as soon as possible to ensure the necessary precautionary actions are taken, and so that the problem can be rectified in a timely manner, in order to minimise downtime to your system and operation. We service all brands including: APC, Colby, Brownbuilt, Dexion and Schaefer.

To ensure the peak performance of your storage systems, it is recommended that they undergo periodic scheduled maintenance. We also suggest that you visually inspect your storage systems for signs of wear and minor damage regularly, to avoid the associated downtime when extensive repairs are required. Our service team is equipped to perform repairs and maintenance on all warehouse and workplace installations of racking, shelving, compactus and other storage systems.

No matter how skilled and cautious your staff may be, accidents do happen. Accidental collisions with racking, referred to as impact damage, weaken your racking structure, compromising its load carrying capacity and posing a serious safety hazard. Therefore it is vital that all rack damage, no matter how minor it may seem, is not ignored. Instead it should be reported to us immediately so that the necessary precautionary actions may be taken. We provide cost effective pallet racking repairs and inspections to ensure your racking systems are in good repair and risk free. We assess the damage to your racking system and determine the best and safest method of repair to bring your rack back up to standard.


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