LOGIX® Gondola Shelving

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Gondola Shelving is a retail mainstay, being a familiar sight in most retail and showroom environments. It is strong, versatile and indispensable with a comprehensive range of accessories available to suit changing requirements and products. It not only stores and displays merchandise, but can also be helpful for determining a store’s layout. 

  • Single and double sided systems available to suit any display area
  • Top caps and kick plates for that special finish
  • ‘H’ legs for easy cleaning underneath
  • Heavy duty shelves with multi-angle brackets
  • Punched or Louvre panel backs make it suitable for many merchandising options
  • Various hook designs and sizes available
  • ‘Feature ends’ for creative displays and additional storage
  • Adaptable to keep up with changing business needs and product lines

Whatever the environment, LOGIX® Gondola Shelving will allow you to create dynamic and efficient display solutions.


Features & Benefits

  • The most popular and versatile shelving option for retail and showroom environments
  • A comprehensive range of accessories are available to suit almost any product, including: wire baskets, pegboard hooks, magnetic labels, wire mesh fronts and dividers, louvre panels, spare parts trays, stor-pak containers and more
  • To ensure safety and durability, we use only the best quality materials and the perfect design
  • The modular system ensures maximum functionality and versatility
  • It can hold almost any type of item – from featured items to heavier merchandise
  • Can keep up with the retail environment, which is in a constant state of change – there are always displays to be updated or moved on a weekly or monthly basis; Gondola Shelving can be easily adapted to suit such changes