LOGIX® Longspan Shelving

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LOGIX® Longspan Shelving is designed to make organisation easy and is so versatile it can solve almost any storage problem including: warehouse, records, office, small parts, retail and more.

The modular, smart and simple design, range of available sizes, small beam profiles and 50mm adjustability allows for maximum storage density, easy access and saves on wasted floor space.

It is easily customisable to suit your storage requirements, and can be easily modified and made into workbenches or made mobile by adding LOGIX® Mobile Storage System bases and track. 


Features & Benefits

  • High quality, all-purpose shelving that is low on price
  • Strong, sturdy, durable and safe
  • Tough steel finish in light grey, for easy integration into any work environment
  • Choice of steel, particleboard or melamine shelves
  • Shelves are fully adjustable every 50mm, for ease of customisation and in order to eliminate dead space
  • Maximises storage capacity and productivity
  • Easily extended, reconfigured or relocated due to the systems modular design
  • Accessories are available to suit a variety of storage requirements
  • Perfect for storing large, heavy or awkwardly shaped items