LOGIX Safe T Glide® RUT Mobile Storage System

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LOGIX Safe T Glide® is ergonomically designed, high density system that maximises any storage space from offices, archives, libraries, retail outlets and hospitals to many warehouse applications. This light-weight, hand operated system requires minimal push force to initiate smooth movement of the mobiles. Designed to glide effortlessly, the system has a high bay load capacity. It's streamlined design allows for easy integration into any business environment; with the system being a cost effective solution to your storage problem, economically maximising valuable floor space and allowing for centralisation of storage. 

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Features & Benefits

  • Optional Safety Tramp Ramps allow for safe movement of wheelchairs and trolleys between the bays
  • Locking options available for added security when the unit is closed
  • Highly configurable to suit your needs
  • Height adjustable shelves in 25mm increments, provide flexible storage levels
  • A range of accessories are available to suit a multitude of storage requirements
  • Available with decorative end cover panels for an attractive and stylish office finish, or without, for the industrial/warehouse look

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