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M-SPAN for Cool Room, Freezer and Dry Store Shelving

M-Span shelves are not only durable, adjustable and easy to assemble, but they also have LIFE Antimicrobial protection built in during manufacturing to ensure the safety and sanitation of items placed on the unit. What's more, they are manufactured in an energy efficient manner and are completely recyclable, significantly reducing their cost (by up to 40%) and carbon footprint. This is the smart option for those who want reliable cool room shelving that offers great savings and manufacturing benefits for the environment.



Features & Benefits

The all new M-Span shelf is designed to be easy to clean and to last a lifetime for an affordable price. Made by over moulding a sub frame with Food Grade Polypropylene to produce a strong shelf in one process. This patented technique reduces the cost and the carbon footprint to benefit both the customer and the environment. M-Span Shelving is HACCP AUSTRALIA APPROVED and has built in LIFE Anitmicrobial Protection.

  • Quick and Easy to clean in situ (shelves are not removable, for a unit with removable shelves try Real Tuff)
  • Clean design ensures there are no dirt catch points or small nooks and crannies that can harbor bacteria
  • Suitable for a vast array of applications from cool rooms and freezers to dry storage (temperatures range from +90° to -30°C)
  • Large clear surfaces can be written on for easy labelling
  • Enhanced airflow through the surface of the shelf
  • No tools required, quick and easy assembly
  • Corner units available to make the most of your available storage space
  • All parts of the M-Span Shelf are recyclable with reduced energy consumption required to mnaufacture a shelf, significantly reducing the unit's carbon footprint

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