Namco - Swing Door Cupboards

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Swing Door Cupboards...there's a model to suit any business!

The attractive contemporary design ensures dependable, flexible and convenient

Supplied complete with adjustable shelves for you to utilise your available storage space.

With optional accessories you can convert levels into folder storage and compartment filing.

Namco cupboards will remain a dependable business asset for a long time with robust welded tops, welded internal door frames, reinforced doors, welded shelf support channels and 3-point key locking security.




External Dimensions:    
CCH:   1021mmH x 910mmW x 450mmD
C14:   1400mmH x 910mmW x 450mmD
C16:   1600mmH x 910mmW x 450mmD
C18:   1800mmH x 910mmW x 450mmD
C20:   1990mmH x 910mmW x 450mmD
Internal Dimensions:    
CCH:   916mmH x 900mmW x 400mmD
C14:   1295mmH x 900mmW x 400mmD
C16:   1495mmH x 900mmW x 400mmD
C18:   1695mmH x 900mmW x 400mmD
C20:   1885mmH x 900mmW x 400mmD
Shelf Dimensions:   900mmW x 400mmD
Shelf Capacity:   110kg/shelf (evenly distributed)
Shipping Weight:   (kilograms)
CCH:   39kg
C14:   45kg
C16:   56kg
C18:   61kg
C20:   70kg
Shipping Volume:   (metres)
CCH:   0.42
C14:   0.57
C16:   0.66
C18:   0.74
C20:   0.82
Standard Features:   Welded top
    Internal top corner bracing
    Internal carcass construction
    Welded internal door frame
    Fixed bottom shelf
    Welded door stiffening channels
    Welded shelf support channels
    25mm vertical shelf adjustment
Accessories:   Sliding wire divider
    Shelf file rack divider
    Metal shelf divider plates
Finish:   Powder coat (45-50 microns thickness)
    12 standard colours (COLOURS)
    Non-standard colours subject to minimum quantities
Warranty:   3 years